How to make Tapioca Pearl Dessert



1 pack or 24 grams of green jelly powder
250 grams of dried sago
4 sweet mangoes (cubed)
250 grams cheese (cubed)
1 can nestle cream
2 packs of all purpose cream
1 can condensed milk
2 tsp of buko pandan flavoring


How to:

1. Dissolve jelly powder in 2 cups water. Cooked over low fire and continue stirring until all the lumps are all gone.
2. Let it stand. Cut gulaman into cubes.
3. Bring to boil 8 cups of water and cooked 250 grams of dried sago.
4. In a bowl, add the cooked sago.
5. Mix all purpose cream and condensed milk.
6. Add the cubed mangoes, cheese and gulaman
7. Mix and refrigerate.


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